Anda’s work can be seen in galleries and art exhibitions in the Central and North Florida area.  She has received recognition for her work in watercolors and colored pencil.


Anda has received commissions for public projects, publications and from art patrons.   In addition to showing her own work, Anda curates and judges for local and regional art shows. She installed art shows and exhibitions for galleries, art groups, public exhibitions and individual artists. Currently she works and teaches in her studio in McAlpin and stays busy with gallery work, classes and promoting the arts.


At Arkansas Technical University Anda majored in Art and Art Education and earned a degree in Education at Florida Southern College.  She is a Florida Certified Art Teacher and taught art for 16 years in the Florida public school system.



 Linn Check-Mathis - Jeweler 

Linn has been working in stained glass for over 35 years and owned a glass shop for over 30. Now she is “playing” with dichroic fused jewelr and loving every minute of it.


She has always loved the color aspect of stained glass and dichroic takes that to a new level… sometimes in unexpected ways.  “One time I put a piece that I thought was black and silver in the kiln, only to have it emerge bright turquoise and black. It’s amazing what 1400 degrees of heat can do!” Linn explained.


One of the most amazing examples of Linn’s stained glass works is the breathtaking, stained glass crucifix that adorns the main sanctuary at The Family Church in Gainesville FL.

Linn and her husband now resides in Alachua, FL. She also sells her glass jewelry at local craft festivals.


Karen LeMonnier - Painter

Karen's style and enthusiasm comes from the Impressionist Artists. To her, impressionism means taking inspiration directly from nature, trusting her senses.  Her goal is to approach each painting with a fresh, open awareness to the scene which allows her to learn from each painting.


Her art can be see throughout Alachua County for she is a member of The Artisans Guild Gallery in Gainesville, and the The Melrose Bay Art Gallery, Melrose, FL..  Her work is shown at The Gallery at Rum138, in Fort White, FL and here in the Lanza Gallery & Art Supplies.  


Karen strives to support and strengthen the local and regional art community and activily serves on the board of The Gainesville Fine Arts Association.


"Hopefully my work will evoke memories of places you've seen along the way in your life."



Linda Pence - Painter


Born on Staten Island, the most rural borough of New York City Linda lived in the NY metropolitan area all of her life until 1997. Her husband, Akers, and her moved to Gainesville where he works with endangered species butterflies at UF.


Linda began her formal study of art at Philadelphia College of Art while still in High School and continued with three years of printmaking and oil painting at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. While working as a personnel manager in a busy Health Food business she studied and taught meditation techniques and programs for self-awareness with The Arica Institute. She continued her interest in art, taking watercolor painting and figure drawing classes at the Art Students League and at Cooper Union in NYC and attending workshops with well-known watercolor painters.


Linda presently teach watercolor painting in private classes in Gainesville, FL.

Tina Corbett - Painter

Presently living in High Springs, Florida, Tina Corbett has devoted her life to her love of art since she was a teenager in South Florida.  She studied Commercial Art at Miami Lakes Tech and served as the Postal Art Illustrator for the South Florida District Post Office for 17 years until her move to northern Florida. There she has decided to pursue her first love, fine art oil painting.


These past years she has actively pursued Plein Air painting all over the state. This particular area of Florida has inspired her creativity with its “artsy” spirit and its wonderful array of springs, beautiful ranches, farms and historic “Old Florida”. She also paints wildlife and animal paintings with pet portraits and commissions are always welcomed.


She is an active member of the Gainesville Fine Arts Association and Plein Air Florida. She has work  hanging in The Rum 138 Art Gallery in Fort White, FL. and now in her own gallery The Lanza Gallery & Art Supplies in High Springs, FL. There is also a commissioned work at the University of Florida's Physics Building. Tina regularly participates in various Art Festivals and Plein Air Events around the state of Florida.


My work in ceramics spans two periods, 1970-1985, and 2015- present. I had the good fortune to study under master potter and arts educator Walter Hyleck in the Ceramic Apprenticeship Program he founded at Berea College in 1970. After graduating from Berea in 1972 with a bachelor’s degree in art, and as a member of the first class of Ceramic Apprenticeship Program graduates, I set up my first studio in rural Rockcastle County a few miles outside Berea. In 1974 I returned to Berea as the apprentice program’s first graduate apprentice.

Up through 1985, I focused mostly on functional, production pottery at studios in Kentucky and North Carolina, selling my work through craft organizations and regional galleries in Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. 

     In 2012, I began a three-year process of building my fourth custom, gas-fired kiln and setting up another studio, in which I finally began working in 2015.

     I sell my work locally to individuals in the Gainesville-Newberry, Florida area, at the Harn Museum Store, Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, University of Florida, 3259 Hull Rd, Gainesville, and I show at local art festivals such as the Santa Fe Spring Arts Festival, the Gainesville Downtown Festival, and the Art Festival at Thornebrook.


Mike Segal - Painter

     "I am the luckiest guy in the world." Mike said, "Well at least one of them, for sure. I married my girlfriend, Marvi, who was my gal in the 5th grade at North Beach Elementary School on Miami Beach, Florida. I paint every day and love to paint. You will figure that out when you look at the thousands of paintings I have produced over the past 50 years as an artist."


Mike's art career started off in 1964 when he made his first painting and then in 1968 as a professional photographer living in Coconut Grove, Florida on Loquat Street. 


After graduating from North Carolina State University, School of Design with a degreein Landscape Architecture, he worked for the Florida Department of Natural Resources where he designed 60 state and local parks. 


Marvi and Mike moved to North Carolina in 1983 where he was painting full time. They moved back to their native state of Florida in 1989 and both now participate in sidewalk art shows throughout the Southeast. Mike has his own home gallery in Cedar Key Florida called Down The Rabbit Hole with The Lanza Gallery being the only other gallery to carry is work.

Tim Malles - Painter


“Always seeking the path to higher creativity, I love diving into the blank canvas, such great discoveries await us there!” says Tim.


Landscapes, astronomy themes and public art are some of the targets of Tim’s work.  A native Floridian (born Miami, 1954), his life-long passion to paint the Florida landscape is inspired by the extreme changes in the environment experienced by our generation.  Water themes and nocturnes are recurrent in his work.  Growing up during the birth of the space age inspired Tim’s passion for astronomy and space art.  His primary medium is oil on wood and canvas, applied with brushes and knives, his style is realist to impressionistic, filled with light, color, energy and movement.  Malles thrives on the opportunities for spontaneity, creativity and exchange while painting en plein air and within the live public art venue.

Tim Malles was awarded an Artist Membership of the International Association of Astronomical Artists in 2009 and a Signature Membership of Plein Air Florida

in 2010.


Mike Styga - Woodturner

Mike Styga is an artist/crafter who retired from the U.S. Navy in 1995. Presently he lives and works in Jacksonville, FL. Now in his seventeenth year as a woodturner.


Overall, his work consists of handcrafted pens, segmented bowls and vases, natural-edge bowls, boxes, letter openers, and desk clocks, fashioned on a lathe from domestic and exotic hardwoods.


Mike’s “woodturnery” focuses on natural edge hollow forms fashioned from “domestic” hardwoods shaped and refined on a wood lathe. Fissures and recesses in the wood are often accented with crushed stone such as turquoise, red coral, and/or malachite. Wood-burned images of local flora and fauna have also incorporated in his work.


In contrast to the organic look evoked from domestic timbers, he also delves into segmental woodturning where contemporary, classical and Native American themes can be emulated. Kiln-dried exotic and domestic hardwoods are utilized for this discipline.  Decorative laminations configured to exemplify geometric forms and Southwestern themes offer an abundance of possibilities. Whenever, befitting, barrel staves, (long vertical elements running with the grain), are compound mitered to preserve and better display interesting grain patterns in highly figured wood.


In addition to the Lanza Galler, Mike’s work is on display at the House of Stereo and Art in Perimeter Park, Jacksonville, FL and at the Lost Art Gallery, St Augustine, FL.


Sandy Mikel - Jeweler

Sandy Mikel thinks of herself as an accidental jewelry artist and reluctant metalsmith.  She always enjoyed fiber crafts and loved working with wood, but never even thought about making jewelry and didn't see how anyone would want to work with metal. Her epiphany came in 2007 when she saw a book on metal clay. Intrigued by the idea of being able to actually shape metal with her hands, she took a class and was hooked.


About that time she came across  The Splendor of Ethnic Jewelry, France Borel and John Bigelow Taylor's book documenting the Colette and Jean-Pierre Ghysels collection, and it was a revelation about what jewelry is and can be. You can't look at a photograph of ear ornaments made from beetle wing cases, seeds, and toucan feathers, and not realize there may be possibilities that you haven't considered. As she began to incorporate more materials in her work she finally had to acknowledge that it was time to broaden her range of skills and began taking  jewelry construction classes.  Feeling comfortable mixing materials and techniques in whatever way seems best gives her a lot more freedom in design. Her necklace, “Moonstruck”, designed with silver, moonstones, and water buffalo horn,  was awarded second place in the 2015 Saul Bell Design Award alternative materials category.




Nika Zakharov - Jeweler

Kathleen Sirois - Jewelry

As a child Kathleen’s creativity was strongly encouraged.  She was fortunate to have had art lessons and exposure to numerous techniques and mediums. Fascinated by the process inherent in the creation of art, when she works on a piece it takes on a life of its own, and almost naturally takes the lead to what happens next.


Kathleen’s jewelry chapter started with a sheet of copper in her basement. She began with cutting circles, hammering, doming and adding pearls.  Then came embossing and etching of copper and brass.


Recently relocating to Florida from New Hampshire and during the staging of her home she discovered ceramic artisans and their creations.  This allowed her to set up her studio again, on a smaller and more organized scale, suitable for house showings.  Kathleen loves the hunt for special components and the embellishing to frame or complement them and turn them into wearable art.

Stacey Breheny - Painter

    I am a painter living in High Springs, Florida. My primary subject is landscape. I enjoy observation and realism, creating paintings of times and places that are both beautiful and evocative. I’m interested in many kinds of places from rural roads and humble dwellings to wild and hidden corners of natural Florida.

    My work can be found in public buildings and private collections regionally and nationally, including large scale habitat murals at the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida (Gainesville) where I was a staff artist and graphic designer for 20 years.

    I currently teach Drawing, Painting and Design at Santa Fe College in Gainesville. I enjoy participating in local plein air events several times a year in addition to working in my studio on personal works of art and commissions.


Patrice  Boyes - Painter


    "I am an artist based in the Gainesville, Florida area who encourages everyone to "see" natural and emotional landscapes a little differently. I hope to provide you with the best possible experience through artistic expression", expresses Patrice.

    Since 2015, Patrice has been showing artistic work in both individual and collective shows around Gainesville, Florida. Pieces by Patrice can be found across several galleries on a rotating basis throughout the year. Explore the site in order to view all current collections and exhibits.

Diane Hornby - Pottery


Bio coming soon.

Jay Winter Collins - Folk Art


Artist Undefined, Other? Described sometimes as Urban Folk Art, Illustrative Art, Naive Art, Decorative Art, Narrative Art, Subliminal Art, Imaginative Art, or Subconscious Art.


Works of art by Jay Winter Collins. Whimsical, colorful paintings of a happy world of intelligent design.


Chris Tatum has worked with wood all his life. A migrant of Miami Florida, he moved to Gainesville in 1978. He is a craftsmen of fine furniture and cabinetry for over thirty six years and has since reinvented his artform to focus on woodturning, the art of shaping forms on a lathe to create functional and sculptural objects.


Utilizing discarded material, Chris meticulously crafts beautiful works of art from his imagination. His work not only serves a functional purpose, but is aesthetically engaging and thought provoking.

Phil Snarr - Pottery

Phil Snarr is our first emerging student potter.  A recent war veteran, Phil has discovered his passion for art at Santa Fe College's Fine Art Program and his natural talent for pottery.

As a beginner potter his first pieces were very professional and getting more beautiful all the time. Recently he was accepted into the prestigious fine arts program at the University of Florida's Art School. There he plans to expand to create beautiful artistic pieces and perfect his glazes and finishes. 


Lanza Gallery is excited to see how far he can go. Phil has promised to always have some pieces in the gallery even when he soars to art stardom.

He now has some fine art pottery in the gifts shop of The Viscaya Museum and Gardens in Coconut Grove, Miami Florida.

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